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Kaluz Productions we are a production company specialized in the creation of innovative and highly creative content. We propose the development of current audiovisual content, supported by new technological advances and in line with the demands of the sector, thus allowing televisions, channels and streaming platforms to offer a quality product capable of awakening the viewer’s interest and meeting their expectations.

Our productions are aimed at the general public. They make no distinction of age, gender, origin, condition or religion. In this way we try to reach a wide audience. However, from Kaluz Productions we seek to develop projects aimed at those viewers who value quality, expand their knowledge and enjoy different experiences while they are on the screen.

To achieve our goals in Kaluz Productions we have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team capable of developing our projects in an integral way, offering maximum guarantees that the final product will reach the high quality quotas by which we distinguish ourselves.

Finally, we would like to invite you, if you wish to contact us to make an inquiry, make any comments, send us your suggestions or any other information, contact the corresponding department by email. If you prefer, you can also use the contact form that you can find in the <<Contact>> section. In both cases we will respond as soon as possible.

Kaluz Productions

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